Magnificent 7 . . !

The technical wizardry of the 175 years celebration model from Patek Philippe is the Grandmaster Chime 5175.  7 years in development and 2 years to construct, this video give just a hint at the incredible vision and skill to produce such an amazing timepiece.  One will stay at the Petek Philippe museum collection, so that makes 6 (only 7 are to be completed) – so maybe that Christmas present you were agonizing over is not too late?

The details I’ll leave to my friends at “A blog to watch” as it’s just a tad over my budget this year . . . . . .   Another friend of mine said that it was about the size of his watch but heavier, I mean what’s better than my G-Shock? he said. . .

Of course I shot him and buried him just last Tuesday!  Well he wanted another shock . . .   😉

If you haven’t seen it yet – here’s the video . . . .

Price I understand is (if you have to ask you’re out of your league) around $2.6mil – and no dud checks please!

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