ABC – ups and downs

It’s a funny old business – height and the measurement thereof.   I mention this in passing only as the ABC model watches that are around at the moment all feature an Altimeter.   Though in actual fact they are to all… Read More ›

Size matters

Whilst I have recently featured Casio G Shock models and of course applaud them for all sorts of reasons, not least the “tough” movement protection and functionality, I still have one main concern and that is “SIZE”. For me and… Read More ›

Buying from Japan

So a perfect transaction with shoppinginjapan and a pleasure to do business with and in a pretty quick delivery – only being held a few days at UK Customs until import charge paid. The charges can be paid either online or phone and if you use your tracking info, once you see it is held – simply phone them up and pay – saves you waiting for their letter. The watch is released the same day

Ultimate or “old hat”?

The problem with your “ultimate” watch is that it could be just an illusion, for technology inexorably marches ever onwards at a frightening pace, so today’s “ultimate” can very quickly become tomorrow’s “old hat”! Of course you have to define… Read More ›

Still a Classic?

I suppose it’s difficult for a watch company to keep introducing and improving models, especially as some of them are considered classics now and so it is with the Citizen Promaster Navihawk.  This is a model I’ve always liked and… Read More ›

Quick glance? – 2

Now OK I’ve already got a splitting headache coming on, yet it does work in an odd way (if you’re partial to migraines) as it uses a quite conventional 3 or is it 4 dial display, but in a slightly different manner.