Something completely different (2)

Another one of these fashion watch styles that is a little different from the mainstream – this is from the BillyTheTree Cloister range – model ESM33.

The Cloister ESM33 from

The Cloister ESM33 from

Handmade and painted dial with distressed copper, sterling silver and various metal alloys with a solid nickel free brass one-piece (single block) case.  Limited editions of 1000 each, so unlikely that your friends across the way will have one of these.  The quartz movement is unstated, though I would guess Asian generic, which in this style of accessory is probably incidental – as long as it works reasonably well – as indeed most quartz movements do these days anyway.

Very unique in that being a hand painted dial face they are all slightly different and this one I particularly like as the hands are infilled white which give added clarity.

My only gripe perhaps is the cost ( £254) which to me seems perhaps a little over what I might consider, especially as it would have to be imported from the USA to the UK with the added costs associated with such a move (VAT and Customs charges).

But for something “fashion” different this certainly is just that – and I quite like it.

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