It’s a Wrap!

I was looking around for a good digital watch that had a conventional strap or bracelet, as you know I have thing about “bands” as they are sometimes called.  The reason being that too many digital watches that may well… Read More ›


The G-Shock range from Casio is such an iconic one I’m constantly on the lookout for “the” one that will suit me best.  But unfortunately so far this year here in the UK anyway, I’ve been disappointed.  Invariably the models… Read More ›

Soft landing?

It’s amazing how popular these rugged “G” shockproof style watches have become over the years, with their “tough” resin case design and macho looks.  When they first appeared I was pretty impressed at this super tough case idea, though at… Read More ›

Chalk and Cheese?

A watch nut acquaintance of mine arrived back from holiday the other day, waltzed into my place and bragged about his new watch.  He only gave me a fleeting glimpse of it as he waved his arm around, saying this… Read More ›