They’re not going away . . .

Smart watches I mean, even although the take up has not been awe inspiring from the public.  For example the new Pebble in Singapore only managed 1400 sales in the first 3 months of this year, so public demand or indeed even interest seems weak to say the least.  Perhaps the concept of having on your wrist a gadget that can link to the smartphone in your pocket isn’t appealing or even seen as any great deal.  An additional tool that just maybe isn’t required in the first place.

Span Smart watch from Box Clever.

Span Smart watch from Box Clever.

So speaking of concepts, this one is more a watch that’s smart, than a fully blown smart watch – and there is a difference.  It’s the Span Smart watch concept designed and thought up by these clever folks at Box Clever of San Francisco and I don’t know about you but I rather like the whole look of it.   It seems to me to be more sensible with realistic limitations, but managed in a very “cool” manner indeed!

"smart" alerts can be shown cross the display and controlled by the bezel.

“smart” alerts can be shown cross the display and controlled by the bezel.

It sort of combines and integrates an analogue style digital watch movement/face with a “jump” hour movement with the hours indicated on the upper half of the dial and the minutes on the lower half.  The Date is sneakingly located as a Date aperture at what would have normally been the old 10 o’clock position.

The real clever bit is the odd mesh “bridge” across and above the dial, which is a perforated metal grill which back lights as an OLED screen for notifications.  The controls for it;s use are incorporated into the rotation bezel – as a jog dial – isn’t that smart?  The screen can also show the digital Time, reminders, alerts, call details and all that “smart” stuff and there’s also a push button to confirm any actions.  The watch can be recharged with the micro USB port on the base of the watch.

Of course the main issue with this super cool watch is that it is just a concept and has not yet been put into production, which would be a tantalizing prospect if it did – for me it makes the Moto 360 look perhaps a little pedestrian and much more exciting to even contemplate wearing.

This is the video of it showing the conceptual idea working.

For me this demonstrates a much “smarter” approach to the idea of smart watch technology as it’s innovative and clever and involves the actual watch rather than some plastic screen like cell phone extension pretending to still be a watch, though it isn’t at all.  This on the other hand IS a watch with smart ideas built in and what’s more – it looks modern yet stylish and techy too but most of all it looks really really cool!

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