Month: March 2016

Classic Radio from Casio

So there you have it. Two models, same Module, same amazing functions, yet cosmetically different enough to attract different buyers with different preferences. Both very Classic in their overall appearance and both functionally very good.


I have two favorites at the moment and both are at the upper end of watchmaking. The first one, and you may find this odd, is a Ladies model and whilst I’m not much into decorated watches myself – if I were, then this might well tempt me greatly. Correction – it tempts me anyway!


So when I see a vintage “quartz” Patek for over £5000+ – I confess I struggle to see the value when I open up the back and see that common old battery sitting there. Nice battery holder I agree, but for me it doesn’t feel like a whole lot of money.

You can’t be serious?

I also question the entire idea and necessity for an intermediate device between your wrist and your pocket, where your smart phone resides and which incidentally has a far better battery life than the so called “smart” watch and it has all the software required to actually do something with it.

My “active” 6 for 2016

For basic Time Control however it is phenomenally fast! In the house I stood next to the window, pressed push button A for a second or two – the second hand moves to indicate rx/time and then flicked to OK and almost instantly back to the corrected time.

Why did I get that?

Quite overly big in every way, mostly unnecessary too as the function set, whilst OK is nothing particularity spectacular. Digital Compass, World Time, Stopwatch, Chronograph, Timer, Alarms plus good night lighting it has to be said. But no Solar and no Radio Control. Lots of physical protection, though this increases the dimensions so much that the protection is in itself an attractor of damage. It gets in the way.