Citizen CC3005-85E

Get it – forget it ?

And let’s be clear, this watch gives the correct and always accurate Time, Day and Date, anywhere, anytime – period!  It’s easy to read day or night and is super simple to use.  As the definition of what a watch does – it’s about as good as it gets.
You simply get it and forget it. . . . . . . . . . . . .

My “active” 6 for 2016

For basic Time Control however it is phenomenally fast! In the house I stood next to the window, pressed push button A for a second or two – the second hand moves to indicate rx/time and then flicked to OK and almost instantly back to the corrected time.

The best gets better! (updated April 1st 2016)

There are competitors out there of course not least Seiko, but I’ve had a look at them and so far they don’t do it for me! They all tend to look a bit cluttered and complicated and I have the impression the technology seems to be shoehorned in to the case. Also the standard accuracy of the movement is much superior to the rest (so far).