Month: April 2016


However dial visibility seems pretty good despite the configuration, and the use of embedded Tritium Light Tubes on the main hands and Tube markers is commendable, and whilst I’m not totally convinced by the vertical positioning of the markers (upright “candle holders” I’ve heard them called), though it’s suggested there’s more light spread across the dial.

One for the Ladies

Note that the markers are coated in Lumi Bright and the elegant shaped hands are in-filled with the same luminous material, which is highly effective at night. This in itself is unusual for what is after all a Ladies dress watch, but very welcome in my opinion. There is also a center seconds hand – another feature often missed on Ladies models.

A closer look

So overall this is a rather good watch and whilst it has Solar and Radio Control features, it’s also conservative yet dressy and can be worn anywhere. The sensible size also means anyone can wear this and look good.

Radio Times

Don’t ask which one I prefer because I like them all. They each do exactly what they’re supposed to do and do it very well

Expectations 1

It is very easy to use and doesn’t require constant referral to any instructions. It is uses the standard Casio control set up and once you know the sequence, it’s easy. It also has one of the easiest to read super contrast digital displays I’ve found