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Junkers – revival & update

Another feature is in the wearing.  It is one of those watches that for whatever reason, just feels right on the wrist, it is extremely comfortable and a delight to wear and certainly makes me interested in enlarging my Junkers collection

Breitling Aerospace – re-post!

The Breitling on the left shows just how good the anti-reflection coating is and how clever the hands/display clarity actually is and note how the digits stand out – it always impresses me! 
whilst I’ve bought  many watches over the years since, this is still my favourite watch – and that says it all.

Why did I get that?

Quite overly big in every way, mostly unnecessary too as the function set, whilst OK is nothing particularity spectacular. Digital Compass, World Time, Stopwatch, Chronograph, Timer, Alarms plus good night lighting it has to be said. But no Solar and no Radio Control. Lots of physical protection, though this increases the dimensions so much that the protection is in itself an attractor of damage. It gets in the way.

“Squad” Lookin’ back (3yrs)

The case design is also slightly different in that it features a “bullhead” style, with the screw down crown @12 and cleverly protected by the great articulated lugs, which in turn make this watch easily worn on the smallest wrists amongst us