Month: February 2016

D060 Windsurfer 89 vintage

Once again it’s one of those multi dial display models that always impresses and shows how clever Citizen was in producing displays that managed to show intuitively and clearly. The splitting up of display sections allows different timings to be read easily. Different time periods with countdown can be displayed, hence the “windsurfer” tag as this is useful in that sport.

The Casio Pentagraph (1989)

It also features an amazing array of Competition Timers: 1 free timer, 1 auto timer and 9 other sports timers (Boxing counts 3 min-break-3 min, Soccer 45 min–15 min break -45 min and so on AND these can all be changed to suit

Citizen Vintage Surfer?

And that’s the thing about older digital vintage model variations, and there’s lots of ’em, that when you do come across one, you might have to do a bit of investigation to find specific or indeed any relevant information. The production date isn’t too difficult if you have an idea of the decade the model came out – the model number indicates the Year and the Month and even the number of pieces produced.