Oh my – its Omate

Seems that “Smart” watches are definitely having a real push and so far this year quite a few have appeared already, some as adjuncts to Smart Phones or even as standalone phones in their own right.

The Omate "Racer - a new Smartwatch  from April 2015

The Omate “Racer – a new Smartwatch from April 2015

However this new Smart watch is the Omate Racer model.  It’s quite a large Casio-like model at 48 mm diameter and 14.5 mm case depth, though I am very pleased to see a standard strap fixing and they actually make a feature out of this fact.  Now that’s what I call “smart”, as it the Sapphire coated “touch” screen which I’ve always though a smart feature. (I love my Tissot Touch).

Omate Racer SmartWatch - Sapphire touch screen

Omate Racer SmartWatch – Sapphire touch screen

This particular watch is a Smart Phone wrist extension, but unlike Apple and some of the much more expensive efforts appearing, this model can connect equally with Android or iOS7. with push notifications of incoming calls, social media updates, reminders and so on.  It also shows the time in rather smart and various formats and screen outlays.

Omate Racer - looks almost conventional, but isn't!

Omate Racer – looks almost conventional, but isn’t!

Specifications are – (it’s easier to let Omate’s own table explain) –

Omate' specifications

Omate’ specifications

So despite my skepticism on all things SmartWatch, things are certainly movin’ on, as they say, and this latest model due in April 2015 looks like a pretty decent effort and it’s PRICE is a fraction of the Apple Smart watch and  I understand it has a battery life of perhaps 7 days, depending on functions.
At the moment though I’m leaning very much towards the Swatch Group’s, “Smart” approach of incorporating or merging chip sets into standard watches such as Omega for example and apparently also due out in the very near future.

But that said, technology has a way of smashing down barriers and who knows where it will all lead and it’s certainly exciting.   BUT the one issue that still in my opinion stumps the so called “smart” watch is Battery life.  Having to charge the thing every day or at best every few days is just not good enough.  Trying to attract a watch wearing world population already comfortable with wristwatches that run unaided for perhaps a life time (mechanical, Solar quartz & others), or 10 year batteries (quartz), is a hurdle that’s as large as it is difficult to beat.

Everything today is about less effort, less buttons, less switches, more speed, on your wrist and not your pocket as it’s closer so again less effort, your PC in your glasses, as it’s too much effort to go to your den and switch on your PC etc etc.

BUT – I’m afraid it’s all for nothing if you still have to charge the Smart item every day, find the charger, find a power supply – I’m sorry but all that effort is just not on!

Anyway here’s the Omate web site – you can read all about it – HERE.

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