Ralph see through

The last Ralph Lauren watch I featured here I liked very much and this year it seems that RL have produced yet another model that appeals to me, though at a price that doesn’t!  I hasten to add that I am not implying that it’s not worth it,  just that I can’t afford it!  😦
Ralph Lauren Automotive Skeleton for gents

Ralph Lauren Automotive Skeleton for gents

But this RL Automotive Skeleton model is a beauty even though it costs around £23000.

With a rich Amboyna burl wood bezel and overall black colored background and super clarity, you would be forgiven in thinking this description could never apply to a skeleton watch and normally you would be right.  However RL have managed the impossible here and produced just that – a skeleton watch that you can read- easily!

Amboyna burl wood by the way (I know I’d never heard of it either) is apparently what was/is sometimes used in luxury motors.   The inspiration for this model is the famous 1938 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic Coupe.

The Hands are black oxidised plus infill Super-luminova,  steel and brass inner elements, shot blasted stainless steel case and a specially worked RL1967 movement (their first skeleton) says quality from top to bottom.

RL cossetted in Amboyna wood, Superluminova and see though - and easily read!

RL cossetted in Amboyna wood, Superluminova, Skeletal and easily read!

Seems to me they’ll have to sell a few of these seeing as RL as of February this year had seen a slump in trading performance and disappointing forecasts.  Of course these things are relative and not being a high flier myself, I’m sure a few tweaks here and there, some sell offs etc. they’ll bounce back. (if only business was that easy!).

However IF you can afford one of these babies, then I doubt you would lose sleep on your investment as it is a great watch and I understand they intend producing 6 new models based on Old classic cars for 2015.  This is the first model in the series and I can’t wait for the others, ‘cos they’re going to be darned good to beat this one!

Maybe if I win the lottery I might just be tempted.

Note – Yes I know this is hardly the affordable watch I tend to feature, but Hey I can dream . . .

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