Month: April 2015

Tom Tom GPS Golfer

A rather novel feature is that the entire watch and extension can be popped out of the case frame/strap, allowing it to be used in an optional cradle which you can attach to a golf trolley for example

Getting smarter

this seems to be, virtually at least, watch first with good traditional design, size a one button functionality, so no silly complications and with all these different optional watch faces I can wear a different one every day of the week. Just what a collector wants!

Way to go . . .

OK some are easier to use than others and I already have one that is super simple and absolutely meets my requirements, and some of the newer offerings I would advise you to carry an instruction booklet with you at all times – and that’s no good at all.

All change

sometimes after a change from an original strap to one of your own choosing with perhaps different metal or color or style, whatever, you realize that for you the original was never a good idea in the first place.

Upright from Lanco

In twenty years these could be the true vintage models and my present vintage collection will be antique, or certainly more specialist perhaps and maybe, just maybe, dare I say – rather dull . . . .

The upright Golden Clipper

I attach an image from the 1970 McLeans Magazine advert running the Golden Clipper series and with the Stainless Steel 11616 model shown on the right. I note the advert text is sometimes difficult to read and in fact has apparently been misread in the web site, but this clearer image shows it’s definitely 11616.

Sky Hawk – upgrade?

So unfortunately the outside to inside bezel change just doesn’t do it for me – and is it me or has the new version suddenly become a little lumpier exterior wise? Prefer my old one thank you very much!