Month: October 2014

Power play . . .

Well for me that just about says it all. The Apple Watch and all the other smart watches appear do all sorts of “stupid” things and just a few OK ones besides – I mean I tend to use a key or key card issued by the hotel to open the door . . . . though I can see why this fact might be important as you will certainly have to get to get to a power point in less than a day to charge your so called “Smart” Watch.

Swatch choices

all three I think look pretty half decent on the wrist and regardless of what you are doing – out and about or dressed in off to dinner in the old Tux!

Quartz favorites

To change the Time Zone, simply turn the crown and the seconds hand will point to the City Time Code you wish, then push in the Crown. The analog hands will immediately move to the correct time for that Zone – and that’s it – done! Possibly the easiest travel time setting you’ll ever meet

Winners and Losers . . .

But unfortunately in this particular case not so in my opinion, basically as under the bonnet or hood as you guys in the West say, it seems to have been rather let down. A Cal. VD57 Quartz movement from Hattori (Seiko) that’s available for around $25 was not what I was expecting at all.

Tissot – the Ultimate ABC ?

How does it do all this? Well the secret lies in the sapphire “Active” crystal which has 7 areas of “touch” sensitivity from which most functions operate. Tissot in my opinion have managed a real step up in functionality and successfully managed to de-clutter the whole operating interface.