Winners and Losers . . .

Well it might look the part, but does this Aeromatic Cubic Chrongraph 310A measure up to that look?  Is it a winner?

Aeromatic Cubic Chrono 310A  Quartz

Aeromatic Cubic Chrono 310A Quartz

Something that always disappoints is when I see a model with a design that’s pretty reasonable and where, as in this case, it looks quite interesting with it’s square shape, dial layout and color scheme.

I’m hoping and expecting it should be a good buy.

But unfortunately in this particular case not so in my opinion, basically as under the bonnet or hood as you guys in the West say, it seems to have been rather let down.  A Cal. VD57 Quartz movement from Hattori (Seiko) that’s available for around $25 was not what I was expecting at all.  Not even a jewel to soften the blow in this what I consider a low quality run of the mill date job with a chrono complication added on.  I have seen this in Lorus a couple of times and it just doesn’t do it for me.  In fact I expected better from Aeromatic.

And that’s a shame as the rest of the case, dial layout and overall look is really quite promising and with rather decent dimensions too, but that’s perhaps the problem with this Brand.  Some you win and some you lose as some models are definitely better than others and I speak from some experience, as I’ve had a few Aeromatics over the years.

In fact I still have one even now which has never put a foot wrong and I like it, though not a complication model apart from the date, it ticks along fine and has been accurate enough for me over quite a number of years.  And OK it might be a bit reflective in the dial, but overall it was very good value for money.

But this much newer Cubic effort seems to have jumped up to another price point entirely being much more expensive at around $390-$400 which is too expensive for me and considering what’s inside, difficult to justify.  Pity too as the specification on the face of it seems pretty OK too especially with the neat dimensions of 42mm x 42mm x 13mm, screw down crown and 10 atm Water Resistance.  Hardened Mineral Glass and screw back plus the chrono 1/10 seconds plus 60 min stop watch etc. and a 2 yr Warranty.

But it’s not for me I’m afraid and NOT a winner, which is a shame as I’ve always had a soft spot for Aeromatic, with their classic and pilot looks, but this one – just doesn’t do them any favors at all.  😦

Talking of winners and losers – I have to refer you to the Infantry model (ana/digi) that I reviewed a short time ago (Military Style – August 17th).  When you consider it cost UNDER $10, and even as big as it is – in comparison to this one – it is a winner.

Infantry £10 watch - an Analog/digital Winner and great value for money!

Infantry £10 watch – an Analog/digital Winner and great value for money!


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