Month: March 2014

Scrolling Pulsar

A full dial matrix display using a scrolling system with adjustable settings such as the LCD contrast and the LED light color. The digital display can be switched off and it also has an automatic Eco setting. The scrolling display is really quite odd at first until you get used to it, but actually very intuitive once you do.

The elegant watch (4)

Another look at those “elegant” models that we are so lucky to have around these days.  Here is one of my favorites – the Blancpain Villeret Répetition Minutes. Surely one of the most elegant watches that you not only can… Read More ›

Smart time

Cognito Original – It looks like a watch, it tells the time like a watch, it talks to your phone and it’s got a watch battery life . . . . it sounds good to me!

Briston Clubmaster

Not just pleased but VERY pleased and delighted with this purchase – it is without doubt one of the sweetest watch models I’ve seen for years! In fact a breath of fresh air from a new Watch Company just has to be good!