Independent Artists (3)

My third foray into the almost conceptual world of Independent Watchmakers, who produce some of the most fascinating timepieces not seen on any High Street.  So I like to share these masterpieces (that’s what they are) with everybody as often their web sites, unless you already know the name, are quite obscure and unseen.
I offer no critique (I’m not qualified to do so) apart from my admiration of these Masters of timepieces and simply present them for your interest and Link where possible directly to their web sites.  This is the Red Gold “Logical One” from Romain Gauthier of Switzerland.

"Logical One" from Romain Gauthier

“Logical One” from Romain Gauthier


This Limited Edition model features a 60 hour power reserve, push button winding and an innovative and quite unexpected chain and fusee style constant force system – and I can do no more than point you towards his web site HERE.

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