Month: February 2014

A quick glance?

Why is it that many of the “New” watches, “cool” watches, or “unusual” watches appear to have the same problem – you can’t tell the darned time on them.   Or at least it seems that way to me as to… Read More ›

It’s a Wrap!

I was looking around for a good digital watch that had a conventional strap or bracelet, as you know I have thing about “bands” as they are sometimes called.  The reason being that too many digital watches that may well… Read More ›

The elegant Watch (3)

My third outing of “The elegant Watch” feature, showing watches I would consider could meet that description.  Starting with the Ralph Lauren “Sporting” model with it’s IWC Cal.RL98295 mechanical manual wind movement. The well constructed Stainless steel case and matching… Read More ›

The Powerhouse Format

I call it the powerhouse! For those in the know some apt descriptions come to mind – such as the T90, the Type 90 (Kyu-maru), AMX-56 Leclerc, the T57, the Soviet IS-3, the Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte and finally the Challenger 2.
OK maybe I’m a bit over the top here – and for those not in the know these are all main battle tanks of various Countries, but you get my drift. – the Format 4 is a VERY solid piece of work! and built like one.

G-Shock not for you?

What I do see in the Momentum Format 4 is a very fast legible take up analogue face, plus a secondary digital display and function set that meets and surpasses anything I’m ever likely to need or even want to use