LÜM-TEC choice

Been checking out the offerings from the USA based LÜM-TEC (part of Wiegand Custom Watch) and of the range this model caught my attention.  It’s the Lüm-tec M Quartz M59 a neat PVD hard coated 316L stainless steel cased model at 44mm wide x 12mm height and 300m Water Resistance and for me seems to represent the best value.

Lüm-tec M Quartz M59

Lüm-tec M Quartz M59

The movement is the Swiss quartz Ronda 515.24H GMT (I already have this movement in another brand) and it displays in analogue form, Time, Date and 24hr time.   The date aperture is between 4 & 5 o’clock and although relatively small is white contrasting against black and the angle is about the best for quick reading.  The clarity is assisted by the fact that the crystal is Sapphire and has double sided anti-reflection coatings and the dial back ground is matte black against which the broad white Hour and Minute hands show up clearly.   The center Seconds hand is also white.  The 24hr GMT pointer hand is red, stands out well and indicates the hours on the outer chapter ring with a white luminous arrow tip – again very clear.

Luminous wise – a feature of LÜM-TEC watches is the extremely effective 8-layer LÜM-TEC MDV Technology®.

LÜM-TEC MDV luminous technology.

LÜM-TEC MDV luminous technology.

In fact this is one of the better models on the market that excels on dial clarity, a favorite topic and bugbear of mine as you may well know if you’re familiar with my site.  And one of the main reasons for picking this model for my quick review.

I also like the watch case shape and the large screw down crown, good solid screw back and the fact it has lugs and spring bars, so alternate straps can be used.  And talking of straps, this model comes complete with not one but three (3) different bands.  Firstly a black leather strap with red stitching as shown, secondly a custom molded anti-static rubber strap and lastly a 316L stainless steel bracelet, which is a real bonus – not many brands give this.

I note with their top model, the LUM-TEC Abyss 600M dive watch (not reviewed here) they have changed some design elements, some aspects of which I have reservations.  The Hour and Minute hands for example are of split design, so clarity may be an issue.  The Date aperture is small and round without an outline and contrast seems low in comparison to the M59.
OK these are observations from a distance, but for me maybe a design change too far.

Keeping it simple is often the best way forward and the M59 featured here does a very good job of just that and at a lower price point.
That said the price here in the UK is right on the limits at £510, bearing in mind this is quartz, not multifunction nor mechanical.  However the inclusion of two additional alternative straps takes the edge off it and you do get a very well made quality watch with great luminous properties.

So what about negatives?   Well apart from my personal “have to think about it” hesitation regarding the final price here, I find nothing negative about this model at all and it certainly does attract me, so well done LÜM-TEC.

As I indicated at the start, within the LUM-TEC range this is definitely my favorite model – design, quality, features and overall look and it’s certainly worth considering.   Once again I’m tempted to sell on one of my lesser models for some extra cash and then who knows . . . . . as they say, it’s a definite possibility!

Quick glance? – 2

Another pair of those “modern” watches that are really outwith my “quick glance” category – ie: models where telling the time can sometimes take a little bit of time!
First off today is this rather unique watch from 666 Barcelona – called the Barcelona Urban Dual Time Zone Automatic-Circle watch!

666 Barcelona - 3 dials, 2 Time Zones

666 Barcelona Urban – 3 dials, 2 Time Zones

Now OK I’ve already got a splitting headache coming on, yet it does work in an odd way (if you’re partial to migraines) as it uses a 3 or is it 4 dial, if not quite conventional display, in a slightly different manner from the normal.
Quite cleverly it displays the Minutes with the large thick centre hand and the two sort of sub-dial either side tell the Hours in two different Time Zones.  The smaller dial at the bottom shows Seconds – which is actually quite neat when you think about it.  And that’s my problem of course, you do have to think about it, as you have to estimate the hour and minutes against the very outer edge 0 – 60 track markings, with hands that are just a bit short as accurate pointers.

The watch dimensions are 53mm x 45mm wide x 10mm depth, so a decent size, though even at that, if you’ve forgotten you spectacles, you’d be quicker just asking someone the time – it might be easier!
Now I think the left Time Zone reads 1:05 and the right Time Zone reads about 7:35, but I’m not really sure.  I feel I want to get a ruler and extend the hands nearer to the outer time track, but hardly practical.

666 Barclona with 2 Time Zones

666 Barcelona Urban with 2 Time Zones

This next image shows different times –  I think the left one is the standard sale time of 10:10 and the right one is 7:10?  – even with the straight on view this is pretty tricky to judge.   So as a not so “quick glance” watch – it’s a winner.

Which is a pity as perversely I quite like it! even though that migraine is simply NOT going away!

But the next model is moving ever towards epilepsy!

The JCDC Castelbajac designed “Space cowboy” watch seems to be a contradiction in terms – and by that I mean “design” and “watch” seem distinctly at odds with each other.  The prime function of the watch concept seems to have gone walk about and for me is really quite relevant, as I struggle to even see the hands against this childlike scribble on the dial background

JCDC Castelbajac design "Gone with the wind"

JCDC Castelbajac design “Gone with the wind”

With the conflicting black lines of the sketch? and the black hands I find that to read the time is just about impossible.  I do believe the three year old daughter of a neighbor of mine could easily improve this by having a go with the artist paint set she got for Christmas – I really do.

So once again it’s pretty obvious this model also doesn’t pass my “quick glance” test . . . . . . . not even close!

Note – I hasten to add here that the opinions expressed are entirely my own, subjective as they no doubt are, but nevertheless are personal.  There may well be folks out there who disagree and regard these models highly and of course I fully respect their opinions too.
If they would be so kind as to let me know the name of their optometrist, I would eternally grateful.