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Further to my Post regarding “Smart” watches I see that Motorola are soon to be coming out with what I hope is a proper “watch” but with added smartphone technology.  If appearances are to be believed it will look like a conventional watch and be a sensible size.

The new Moto G smart watch - coming soon!

The new Moto 360 smart watch – coming soon!

Motorola apparently are saying they are committed to making it like a conventional watch, circular, very few if any buttons or pushers.  It connects via Google Now assistant with email alerts, phone calls and when messages etc arrive – so this is definitely looking good.

Dial can show various displays as well as conventional time.

Dial can show various displays as well as conventional time.

I can do no more than point you to their rather brief (at this stage) web site ( HERE )as a tester perhaps of things to come – soon and sometime this summer?  I’m very interested in this as if they get the size right and a decent functionality without too much complication, then they may well have a winner.


I also note the Citizen one of our most well known mainstream makers is touting the Bluetooth smart watches TM84-0351V and TM84-0352V.   Other Smart Watch new boys in this game watch out (sorry for the pun!)

Smart watches from Citizen!

Smart watches from Citizen!

No prices yet or availability for world sales, but definitely interesting and ones to watch for 2014 – 15?

Presently only available and connecting to certain Japanese domestic phones, it does bode well for the “smart” set in that one of the big 4 is now in the game.

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