Round up (Fossil)

As usual I’ve been checking out some of my favorite watch brands, to see what might interest me and the first brand I looked at was Fossil.  Plenty to choose from perhaps but only one was of any interest, the rest doing nothing for me this time.   My solitary choice is the Fossil Aeroflite 3 hand date watch.

Fossil - my choice from the current crop

Fossil – my choice from the current crop

Still a relatively large case as is the Fossil tendency at 44mm diameter, but as they also often manage, just 12mm in height, so I’ll forgive them, with a decent Water Resistance of 100m.  Crown @4 and a 22mm wide strap.  This is a new model and at a simple price of £105 is good value.  Excellent finish stainless Steel and leather buckle strap give it an everyday watch appearance and I like the crown @4 just to be different and there is a small date window @3.  The Hour and Minute hands are nice and broad, hopefully with some decent luminescence both to the hands and the large green tinted numerals (poor luminescence a failing of some Fossil models I’ve found).  At least on this model the hands are broad with white painted infills so should have good clarity during the day.  There is also a centre seconds hand in white.

One of a number of watch models appearing recently that are moving away from the “let’s make it look complicated” look to a more simplistic expression.  A wysiwyg approach or “what you see is what you get” idea that if managed properly always strikes a chord with those of us who are looking for a watch that has got the basics right.

So a little disappointing to find only one Fossil model of interest to me, though there are obviously folks out there who’ll have different tastes and so on, but I’ll check in to Fossil every couple of months just to see what’s new.  If one comes up that I like I’ll post it here.

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