Pulsar update (strap)

As promised here is an update regarding the alternative strap arrangement on the Pulsar.  The original strap which is reminiscent of a tyre tread as a wrap fitting at the case lugs – ie – it almost grips the case in a pincer grip.  This in turn causes the strap to push the watch out a little from the wrist, on an already rather thick case.  The strap is also rather hard and stiff which I find a little uncomfortable.

The replacement is a black silicon rubber double ridged 26mm wide and 6.2mm thick at the watch lug end which suits this large watch very well.  It tapers down to 4.4mm thick at the buckle and has highlight yellow stitching which compliments the yellow accent on the pushers on the Pulsar case front.

Alternative 26mm soft flexible silicon buckle strap from Weston Straps UK.

Alternative 26mm soft flexible silicon buckle strap from Weston Straps UK.

This is the first strap of this type I’ve bought and very impressed with it as it is extremely comfortable and now makes the wearing of this large Pulsar just perfect.  Having a relatively small wrist I had to add an additional hole for the buckle to fit, which was easy enough to do.  The only down side is the buckle end is 25mm wide (only a 1mm taper) and the original Pulsar buckle is 24mm (the standard Pulsar strap is a 26mm with a fast taper to 24mm buckle fit, so presently I’m using the 25mm buckle that came with the strap.

Silicon double ridge with yellow stitching.

Silicon double ridge with yellow stitching.

The strap whilst it’s smooth on the outer surface with the twin ridge definition, has a textured surface underneath against the wrist.  Just enough to give added grip without discomfort.

The strap came from a watch supplier new to me here in the UK and that’s Weston Watch Straps and their web site is http://www.westonwatchstraps.co.uk

They also have a presence on eBay and if you’re struggling to find a strap to suit, they may well be worth a look as they ave a pretty wide range of good quality and sizes available.

Anyway as you can imagine I am delighted with the result and it does solve an issue that many folks have mentioned to me in the past.  And this is especially with large watches and Diver or Military models, as they often provide straps that ,may well look good or even “macho” but when it comes to actual comfort, they seem to have given it little consideration.  Many of the models come with very hard and stiff leather straps or 8mm thickness plus and frankly these are often very uncomfortable in the extreme.  Just make sure you keep the original as if you do come to sell it on, then you can fit it back on the watch – and being unused – the buyer gets a great strap and you get an enhanced price.  Winners all the way.

Underside of the strap is textured gives added grip - without discomfort.

Underside of the strap is textured gives added grip – without discomfort.

Almost but not quite the same as in the old days when you got your first car with leather seats!  The first thing you did was to cover the seats in plastic, to protect them!  2  years later you sell the car and the buyer gets this car with the most pristine leather seats you can imagine – is that not sick or what!  You never even sat in them . . . . . .

OK not the same I know, but with watch wearing – comfort is no small consideration and if the strap is not comfortable – change it.

Last point – This large Pulsar has an added bonus especially if you wear glasses.  This display is so big and clear that I can read the time easily without my glasses on – and you can’t say that with many digital watch displays.  And since I got this not one but two friends I know have already bought the same model – and I bet they ask where I got my strap . . . . .  😉

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