A quick glance?

Why is it that many of the “New” watches, “cool” watches, or “unusual” watches appear to have the same problem – you can’t tell the darned time on them.   Or at least it seems that way to me as to read them takes an age of staring at the dial until you figure it out.   I mean what is the point of that?  You know we’re trying to read the time, not waste it trying . . . .

I like to have a quick glance at my watch to tell the time – it’s that simple!

Let’s look at a few examples – of a couple of models that require a lot more than a “quick glance”.   First the Deja Vu watch @ around £100.

The Deja Vu

The Deja Vu

Well I look at this one and I simply don’t see the point and whats more I find it quite difficult to decipher the time and that being the case – it’s pretty pointless as that’s the prime function of any watch. !  And yeh, yeh I see that the leading edge is sort of representing the hand if you will, but when the hour “hand” physically comes close to the minute hand, that perception all but disappears.

More a case of Jamais vu (French, meaning ”never seen”) used to describe any familiar situation which is not recognized by the viewer . . . .

Then there’s the Free Time Watch – and yet another case of peering at the dial, that is IF you can see it in the available light.

Never ending spiral, wheel within a wheel - reminds me of a song!

Never ending spiral, wheel within a wheel – reminds me of a song!

Firstly is the contrast good enough to see it for starters and secondly you then have to try and make out little gaps in the concentric rings, as these are – you guessed it, supposedly representing the hands?  As the blurb says –  “The three concentric circles rotate clockwise with each gap in the circle communicating the precise time. The hour, minute and seconds are defined by the outer, middle and inner rings respectively”.

Oh, that makes it OK then?   Even at £85 – not really – and certainly not for me!

I’m afraid by the time it takes to work out the time, the departure gate has closed and my plane has taken off!

But all is not lost as I’ve just spotted a “New”, “Cool” and rather “Snazzy” model that I CAN tell the time from – and at a glance too!

The SOND - one of the few NEW and SNAZZY models that only requires a glance

The SOND – one of the few NEW and SNAZZY models that only requires a glance

This is the SOND™ by VOID Watches injection molded in a single piece, uses the watch itself to secure the nylon watchband and makes the strap easy to change and adjust.
A battery life of two years can be changed via a coin hatch in the stainless back (haven’t seen one of those for a while) and it’s good enough for
3ATM (30m) and the size quite compact at 38mm x 44mm with a 22mm nylon band.

As said with this model I can tell the time (or the date) at a glance – isn’t that brilliant!  And in this company it’s the best price too at around £60.

Of course I’m maybe biased being of the older generation, so if you like these guys, even the first two and you like a challenge – then I have seen them I think on that very good “new watches” web site – Twisted Time – HERE

Anyway I have to go, I’ve just had a “quick glance” at my 16″ kitchen clock and the big hand is pointing to “dinner” – so bye!

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