Month: March 2013

Classic Expedition

Only 15 years before the current stuff (an age in electronics of course) the displays funnily enough tended to be neater, as are the watches which were smaller and slimmer and yet managed to portray the excitement of the new Digital age without bulk or large knurled or knobbly bits here and there

Cheap discs

A friend of mine appeared the other day with a new watch they’d got as a fun addition to their main birthday gift and was keen to show it off to me. This is a disc watch that shows the… Read More ›

True elegance

Stick hands here don’t look wrong in this setting and neither do the printed baton markers. They blend together very well indeed as I mentioned at the start – the “ensemble” or combination of elements is superb

Not another Compass!

I also find that this new one feels cheaper and although lighter in weight at 47g against 50g, it’s not because of that, but just a feeling there’s maybe a quality change. No real evidence for this as both watches are very, very good, and I do realize this is all very personal and maybe overly picky. But that’s what makes us buy different models and versions I suppose – what suits you may not suit me.