Military fashion?

If you’ve ever trawled through the so called Military watches around today, it’s quite amazing the weird, wonderful, often silly but sometimes really quite innovative designs that crop up from time to time.  It’s fertile ground for all sorts of wonderful designs good and bad and quite often it’s the lesser known manufacturers that come up with maybe the most innovative ones.  There are however a few models around that are worthy of a second look.

Humvee recon Olive Digital

Humvee recon Olive Digital

Not the first to use the name, this one is actually from the named folks themselves – the Humvee Recon – in Olive.

Been around for a few years though this is the first time I’ve come across it myself.  And it certainly looks the part with its rugged shock proof stainless steel case with added rubber protection, oversize digital display and very tough looking 28.23mm nylon fabric fast-wrap strap. The Olive Green and black combination always a winner when thinking military and I understand it also comes in a dark slate color too.
Four push buttons control the functions and setting etc on the side of the case, though there is no protection against accidental use, so difficult to say how they’ll be, unless tried out on the wrist for a time.

Specification wise it’s also not at all bad with Time, Date, Countdown Timer, 3 x Alarms and a Stopwatch with a 20 lap recorder.  If that wasn’t enough it also has a 22 city World Timer for good measure (with DST option).  A 50m Water resistance and according to the spec it has a “scratch resistant” face, but I don’t think this means it has a Sapphire Crystal or it would say so categorically.
The large display is divided in to 3 sections to give separation of the data shown and the LCD uses a matrix layout with black figures contrasting against the grey dial background.

Dimensions are – Case width: 38.44mm, Case Depth: 14.55mm.  Weight is just 60 gms.
The lug to lug dimension is not quoted but it actually looks rather big at around 65mm maybe, which is very substantial, especially for smaller wrists.  Could well be it’s downfall for me personally, but until I see it on my wrist, difficult to say.

With very strong competition in this sector, the Humvee is sensibly priced it and it’s also being offered at discounted prices here and there, so maybe it’s worth more than a look.

But that top to bottom size being so large could be the killer, certainly as far as I am concerned.

Note –

Since finding this model I’ve discovered that there are a few other Humvee models around such as the Zulu range, which are conventional analogue dial military style watches which appear very much like the true Military Specification watches.  They feature Tritium light technology for perfect vision in the dark and seem very well priced.  They feature Japanese Miyota 2035 quartz movements and 100m Water Resistance.
I’ve also seen an analogue Field series which feature day and date windows and the more conventional luminous coatings for night use.

A quick search on Google will certainly flag these up if anyone’s interested.  You will also find the Timex Humvee which is something else again!

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