The obscure “Voken”

It seems that Citizen is a very widely tentacled Company and this vintage Voken is perhaps proof of this fact.  Indeed a true Japanese (Tokyo) watch, very simple Japanese movement and a typical 1970/80’s style.  This one is a manual wind, no date, just the time and is in prime condition and has one of the smoothest “sweep” seconds hands I’ve seen in a long time – AND it keeps remarkable time for such a modestly priced watch.

Voken - another Citizen offshoot?

Voken – another Citizen offshoot?

I have seen Voken brand watches before and they seem quite rare today.  They don’t seem to have any particular allegiance to brand movements as I’ve seen Russian USSR movements made by Raketa or Slava and nothing wrong in that as these are pretty strong units in their own right.  I’ve also seen the odd one from Hong Kong (they had a presence there I understand) with Chinese internals.  Made usually for the home and Chinese market it comes as no surprise to see Chinese text along with Russian and also quite often in English.  This particular movement is neither USSR nor Chinese, but seems to be a complete Japanese made item – perhaps a classic in it’s own right.  Miyota I guess.

Blue strap suits this Voken perfectly!

Blue strap suits this Voken perfectly!

When I got this some years ago, it had the most awful brownish, muddy and rough textured strap fitted and looked very dull indeed.  Which is a real shame as the watch actually looks pretty good.  The dial is well made, good hour markers and a cool bluey/violet/purply almost fluorescent colored face.  Nicely shaped clear crystal, resin screw back and a smart shaped case mean it’s worth getting decent strap for it I think.  So keeping with the ethos of the cheap watch I fitted this smart complimentary colored one with matching gold buckle.  I think the color does the whole shebang some justice – so much so that I’m wearing this for the week.

Japanese simplicity = surprisingly accurate watch!

Japanese simplicity = surprisingly accurate watch!

So OK – a cheap, simple little Japanese watch it may be – but in amongst all the wonderful timepieces out there – I really like it. . . . (sad isn’t it?)  😉


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