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Trouble with watch collecting is that all too often I see new, or perhaps older models I may be unfamiliar with, that for some reason or other suddenly become objects of desire – that is – I want one!   And there are quite a few, so over the next occasional posts I’ll feature some of them.  Who knows they may interest some other folks as well – maybe even decide a Christmas present or two at the same time. . . 😉

The first one is from a Manufacturer I really like – the Swiss company – Xemex – a young company founded in 1996 by designer Ruedi Kulling, that continually designs in my opinion simply stunning watches  –

This particular one is a wonderful timepiece with two rather clever features.  First is the typical Xemex extraordinary articulated lug arrangement that allows it to fit even the smallest wrist and second, an amazingly large clear face virtually the diameter of the watch.  Dimensions wise it’s really deceptive at only 40mm wide but dominated by the dial, so it looks really impressive on the wrist, without the bulk.

Xemex Piccadilly “Hours”

Xemex Piccadilly “Hours”

The watch is also very well made and the design is such that chunky, angular, but rounded and solid, are all terms that can equally describe this lovely model and in fact their entire range.   This one is from the Piccadilly series and is known as the “Hours” model.  It is slightly quirky (which I like) in that it looks just like any standard chronograph with side pushers, but these actually control the oddly large secondary “hour” sub dial.  The single pointer in fact records hours (I suppose this could be called an “hours” chrono) – so no spinning seconds whizzing round or minutes – countdown or elapsed time style.  But actually simply recording hours and maybe half hours is very useful for those parking meters or meetings that are forever running over time, or perhaps checking when your plane is going to land.  One quick glance and you know the score.

Very clear white edged skeletal hands for hours and minute regular time against the black dial background and the wonderful Xemex red sweep seconds centre hand, white dot markers and a date window @3, plus that thin front bezel allows great dial visibility.  A solid screw down logo’d crown and a sapphire crystal completes the description looks wise.  Internally this is a high quality Swiss Xemex modified ETA Valjous 7750 movement, which is visible through an exhibition back.

Now if my own XE5000 model is anything to go by, this will be one very accurate, smooth and dependable watch.

Butterfly clasp Xemex rubber strap compliments the whole ensemble and this is definitely one watch I intend at some point – to get myself or perhaps an Xmas present could be coaxed? from family. . .

There are a good few other models from true chronographs to Big Date and GMT etc. so quite a range to tempt.  They all have one thing in common – perfect fit, a sort of “elegance with power” look and very high quality throughout.

I don’t think I need any more convincing – this will be the next one. . . . I’m sure or I would be if I had the money!  It’s a little bit more expensive than most of my picks. so I may have to wait. . . .


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