Retro Ana-Digi Classic

Many years ago I remember owning a watch similar to this one – It too was a Citizen and I thought at the time it was the best thing out and here it is again.

Citizen JG2012-50E

Citizen JG2012-50E

I got it at a time when Digital watches and more particularly Ana-Digi watches were appearing for the very first time.  Exciting too as they were trying to incorporate all sorts of exotic functions that the analogue only watches struggled to match. Day and date and months first, then countdown timers, chronographs, dual time indication and this one even had a thermometer – not that this was terribly practical, but in those days you just had to have it as it was so wonderfully way out!

Slim at 9mm with gold tone satin finish.

Slim at 9mm with gold tone satin finish.

Neat base metal back & push button controls

Neat base metal back & push button controls

So what are the specifications of this watch – First the official name – Citizen Ana-digi Thermometer Digital Dual Time Vintage JG2012-50E.

Main Features are an Analog + Digital display, Chronograph ( up to 24 hours), 1/100 sec,  Alarm, Dual-time zone, Thermometer, Auto-calendar (to year 2099), LED back light, Battery life: 2 – 2.5 years, Water resistant, Dimensions: 42 x 34 x 8 mm and the weight is 72g, so a nice light wear on the wrist.

So pretty comprehensive, though I have an issue with the back light, which is a tiny light in the right top corner of the day/month display and which is totally ineffective at the dark, as it doesn’t illuminate the digits properly at all – in fact much like the original one I had all those years ago.

The controls or push buttons are fine to use, the top left one is the Mode function which cycles through each of the watch main functions, Time, Date, Alarm, Dual Time and stopwatch as indicated in the lower left window.  Once selected that particular feature will be displayed.  Also to adjust or set any of these, once you have your selection, press the top right button for 2 seconds and the appropriate function flashes and can be adjusted using the bottom right button – really very simple.  And the bottom left button is the back light, though not the most effective.

The analogue dials are actually very clear to read, which I thought might be a concern, but the color contrast of the dial works well – as does the seconds dial at the right.  I tend to use the watch set to date as this shows the time with continuous seconds on the analogue dials and the day and date in the digital window on the right, so the essential data on a first glance.

The lower digital window on the right in normal or date mode always shows the temperature.  While the watch is off the wrist it is surprisingly accurate against the thermometer I have here in my office.  On the wrist of course as with most of these watch temperature sensors, it will indicate more or less body temperature.

On the wrist - slim, sleek, light and looks the part.

On the wrist – slim, sleek, light and looks the part.

Buy Hey! when I got my first original model of this, who cared!  It was new and exciting and yet another function on your wrist. Of course  to come was the calculator, then the memo functions and goodness knows what else, but this one for me was the first.  And the first of many. . . .!

Since getting this it is amazing how many folks have commented when on my wrist.  Some remember it from years ago, like myself, reminding them of the ’70’s and those days where everything was happening “man”.  Others just admire it’s slimness and the sleek retro look and I have to admit – it is a very nice watch to wear.  It seems to me that Citizen created a clever and neat watch here to show as clearly as possible many different functions – perhaps a lesson to those watch makers today who so often create something that can be cluttered and over fussy and difficult to read.

It does go to show that you can’t beat a great design and this in my opinion – is a classic.

User Manual for the JG series – CitizenJGretro

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