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  • Bauhaus by name

    there’s something about the subtle and under-stated design, from the small numeral delicacy and the two-tone asymmetric width hands, that just lifts them to a higher level

  • Ressence – disk

    there are 5 models in all, each with a different aspect and look, but with the same integral patented three-dimensional complication or ROC – the Ressence Orbital Convex  system.

  • Feice Bauhaus – Budget or Bargain?

    But for Fiece, the clever idea of using the Bauhaus concept and promoting to the global market promoted with – Form, Function and a certain marketing seriousness, hasn’t hindered them in their mass market approach and by increasing the quality is a real bonus.

  • Heat by Nixon

    So I love the neat size, it has enough useful functions to honestly use and the price is not unreasonable.

  • Wrist cuff watches

    The leather strap/cuff of each is a different colour and from a fashion conscious guy, really quite smart – and it tells him the time without referring to his Smart Phone – now isn’t that a novelty!

  • Rado & diamonds

    That little bit different, feminine – I mean diamonds for goodness sake and for once, not Quartz, so, no how do I change the battery issue? if I’m not around to help.

    Note – Two things my Wife never does – wash the car and change a watch battery – sensible girl!

  • A favourite 5 – Limited Edition

    Diameter wise it around 40mm without the crown, which, by the way does NOT screw-down.  However it says on the dial 10Bar, so it’s not too shabby, but hardly a serious Diver if truth be told – but good enough for the Diver in us all!

  • Classic Ladies LeCoultre

    The unique button markers are an integral part of the case and are situated surround the small original acrylic crystal covered dial.

  • Minimalist

    Their web site shown quite a few variants, with minimalism and simplicity being the theme running through the range. And for the price, these are what I call very neat fashion style watches, which to my mind are just the thing for gifts to cheer someone up. 

  • Breitling Aerospace – re-post!

    The Breitling on the left shows just how good the anti-reflection coating is and how clever the hands/display clarity actually is and note how the digits stand out – it always impresses me! 
    whilst I’ve bought  many watches over the years since, this is still my favourite watch – and that says it all.