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  • A favourite designer

    The Date window @between 4 & 5 is unusual with the triangle background, again giving it a ‘look’ which is both interesting and clear.

  • Double Date

    The watch dial is also round, but the case, not quite so and overall it is VERY clear to read.  Add this to the large effective Date indication @6 and what we have is a really nice watch.

  • Finds or fakes

    the Fake or Replica market has not gone away – far from it! – and in fact it’s grown exponentially over the past few years. Just doing a short trawl on the Internet with my friend I pointed out over 100 web sites

  • Swatch watch

    at the end of the day the Swatch philosophy of “Second Watch” is still absolutely what they are all about, despite some of their latest ideas.

  • Interesting finds – Ladies

    Great gold coloured case with an off yellow dial and VERY clear to read with those large dark hands, small seconds index and actually a pretty decent size date window @3. (some of their Gents models don’t).

  • Interesting finds (1)

    It has a German traditional style, this one more dress than military, luminous hands and applied markers and overall, for my taste, has a good look

  • Swatch SISTEM51 for me?

    The Sistem 51 features, such as the reduction of movement parts, theoretically less to go wrong, the re-designed transparent rotor wind, whilst OK, for me, are substantially little different from conventional automatic models. 

  • Searching the site

    With this new theme web site layout – it is now very easy to SEARCH for articles and/or references to much more data than before.  The old site – once I’d Posted an article it was more or less buried… Read More ›

  • Stainless scratches

    Simply select the speed setting for you and have a go on the scratched stainless surface of the watch case and you should start to see results

  • Art Deco – enamels

    Brought out as a marketing idea by Elgin, these were designed by mostly Lucien LeLong and were giver specific names of Haute Couture designers of the day in Paris