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Citizen Vintage Surfer?

And that’s the thing about older digital vintage model variations, and there’s lots of ’em, that when you do come across one, you might have to do a bit of investigation to find specific or indeed any relevant information. The production date isn’t too difficult if you have an idea of the decade the model came out – the model number indicates the Year and the Month and even the number of pieces produced.

Simple Date

great example of good design and function. Clear to read, elegant looks and deceptively simple in form, it’s one of those models that’s just perfect for those little occasions

Casio elegance +

I have to think this is perhaps a slight departure for a Casio complication model, as they don’t have it shrouded in Shock protection, nor is it oversize. And it does prove to me at last that they certainly can squeeze the technology into a sensible standard sized dress style watch

The best gets better! (updated April 1st 2016)

There are competitors out there of course not least Seiko, but I’ve had a look at them and so far they don’t do it for me! They all tend to look a bit cluttered and complicated and I have the impression the technology seems to be shoehorned in to the case. Also the standard accuracy of the movement is much superior to the rest (so far).

And the time is – approximately . . .

So an intriguing watch from Botta and yet another variation on the Single Handed display system and I have the feeling that, as it is, for want of a better word I’ll call it an “approximate” watch, I don’t envisage I’d suffer eye strain this time as a result of reading it.

Head turner

A very modern take on the old “drivers” model idea where the wearer if driving a car for example can see the time clearly without moving the wrist on the steering wheel.

The Re-Run Nixon

Relatively simple with the basics displayed elegantly and clearly of the dark display dial, surrounded by a gold tone sleek and modern case design. The standard layout shows most of what you need to get by.

Divers Marc & Apeks

Look at the night shot and the dial clarity is something else, very good with no distractions at all. Others should take note! A good 120 click single rotation bezel with clear markings makes for a very practical watch and at 300 m Water resistance the Helium valve becomes a useful feature.

Junkers Bauhaus classic

Overall the dial is as Classic as you can get. The inclusion of the modified Citizen movement is a good choice in my opinion and from experience I know these can be remarkably accurate, though I’m told can be noisy (I’ll check), but in practical terms performs better than many.

Junkers Worldtime – disappoints

The Junkers 6892.5 watch seems to me to have two issues that Junkers need to address – 1) either make the hands decently luminous against a normal dial or 2) make the hands solid black against the luminous dial and here Junkers have managed neither.