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Worth waiting for . . .

availability sometime in September 2016 and are for me a breath of fresh air in this market at the moment, which seem to comprise so many models that are perhaps short on looks. The Junghans Meister series certainly buck the trend and the latest ones featured here, very much so and as I say worth waiting for.


However dial visibility seems pretty good despite the configuration, and the use of embedded Tritium Light Tubes on the main hands and Tube markers is commendable, and whilst I’m not totally convinced by the vertical positioning of the markers (upright “candle holders” I’ve heard them called), though it’s suggested there’s more light spread across the dial.

One for the Ladies

Note that the markers are coated in Lumi Bright and the elegant shaped hands are in-filled with the same luminous material, which is highly effective at night. This in itself is unusual for what is after all a Ladies dress watch, but very welcome in my opinion. There is also a center seconds hand – another feature often missed on Ladies models.

Radio Times

Don’t ask which one I prefer because I like them all. They each do exactly what they’re supposed to do and do it very well

Classic Radio from Casio

So there you have it. Two models, same Module, same amazing functions, yet cosmetically different enough to attract different buyers with different preferences. Both very Classic in their overall appearance and both functionally very good.


I have two favorites at the moment and both are at the upper end of watchmaking. The first one, and you may find this odd, is a Ladies model and whilst I’m not much into decorated watches myself – if I were, then this might well tempt me greatly. Correction – it tempts me anyway!

My “active” 6 for 2016

For basic Time Control however it is phenomenally fast! In the house I stood next to the window, pressed push button A for a second or two – the second hand moves to indicate rx/time and then flicked to OK and almost instantly back to the corrected time.

D060 Windsurfer 89 vintage

Once again it’s one of those multi dial display models that always impresses and shows how clever Citizen was in producing displays that managed to show intuitively and clearly. The splitting up of display sections allows different timings to be read easily. Different time periods with countdown can be displayed, hence the “windsurfer” tag as this is useful in that sport.

The Casio Pentagraph (1989)

It also features an amazing array of Competition Timers: 1 free timer, 1 auto timer and 9 other sports timers (Boxing counts 3 min-break-3 min, Soccer 45 min–15 min break -45 min and so on AND these can all be changed to suit