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Art Deco – enamels

Brought out as a marketing idea by Elgin, these were designed by mostly Lucien LeLong and were giver specific names of Haute Couture designers of the day in Paris

Wrist cuff watches

The leather strap/cuff of each is a different colour and from a fashion conscious guy, really quite smart – and it tells him the time without referring to his Smart Phone – now isn’t that a novelty!


Their web site shown quite a few variants, with minimalism and simplicity being the theme running through the range. And for the price, these are what I call very neat fashion style watches, which to my mind are just the thing for gifts to cheer someone up. 

Nightspeed by Swatch

Swatch introduce new models often and you can always assume the quality will be good, the movement will be good and the price very affordable.  So this year I looked to see what would take my fancy and be my model for this year

Novelty watches

I particularly like the Mergic “Cat” watch, basically as it’s such a clear dial and with the high color straps really looks pretty cool – I understand that’s what the young set want – to look cool I mean.

Colour Swatch

This Swiss offering however looks great – bright, colourful and OK, perhaps a little OTT but funnily enough I can think of lots of old guy eccentric clothing to go with it. I’ll look some out later . . . .

Christofle dress watch

One of the reasons why Designer watches in general can be excellent pre-owned purchases, is that the new designer inflated price disappears in the second hand market. And unlike previous times, today many of the designer outlets produce some very, very good watches indeed and well worth a look at Auction price.

Simple Date

great example of good design and function. Clear to read, elegant looks and deceptively simple in form, it’s one of those models that’s just perfect for those little occasions