LandMaster Spring Drive

Haven’t mentioned Seiko for some time and here is one of their new models – the Landmaster SBDB005 Spring Drive,

Seiko Landmaster Spring Drive

Seiko Landmaster SBDB005 Spring Drive

which owing to the slightly unusual shape of the case looks pretty impressive size even at 45.0 mm wide and 14.2 depth and also maybe overly impressive in price at around £1800 to the UK.  Not sure if the concept of Spring Drive sits well with me or not, though at this price I have to say it doesn’t make me want to rush out and buy one.

Now OK it’s a nice watch with it’s excellent (so I’m told) 30 jewel Spring Drive 5R67 movement, good clear dial (clarity is a real plus with this model) with separate 24 hr hand, which is actually not intrusive being skeleton.  Power Reserve indicator shows that it’s pretty good at 72 hrs and the black dial and white Lumibrite hands a very decent combination and with excellent night use.  The crystal is Sapphire and has anti-reflection coating too and a decent size Date aperture @3.  It also has a 100m Water Resistance with a screw back.  I note the crown does stick out proud from the wrist once you strap it on, which is a consequence of the short lug arrangement, so it’s easily got hold of if nothing else.

Interestingly being a Bullhead style with the crown @12 you would be forgiven if you thought his might be overly large from lug to lug – well it’s not and coupled with the shortened lug profile at 12 it’s actually only 46.8mm lug to lug, so will fit most wrists, even if it looks big and it is one of those models that does look bigger than it is.  I confess I have a preference for models that even if they’re large, manage to look small on the wrist – this is something that this model does not do – but perhaps this is just me . . . . see video HERE.

However one of the plus points is it’s solid Titanium so should at least be reasonably light and I’ve seen 140gms mentioned, so not too bad including the Ti bracelet with fold over clasp etc.

Whilst the idea of Spring Drive first appeared way back it’s only since 1999 it’s been commercial and basically today that it’s reached the required performance currently demanded.  Personally I would first consider a conventional automatic mechanical movement until I fully understood and see the actual benefits of SD.  However at this moment in time I can get very good mechanical models for the same or less money, using tried and tested technology that’s also been around a long, long time.

Interesting and quite impressive Seiko this may be, but I feel it’s looking too large on the wrist for me.

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