Budget Fashion

The thing about fashion and designer watches is that often they are accompanied by a price tag reflecting the ego aspirations of the designer.

By Void - the SOND NYG unisex fashion watch.

By Void – the SOND NYG unisex fashion watch.

In other words, just a tad pricey!  So it’s very to note a model that not only showcases clean lines modernity, plus chic and cool but also within s sensible price point.  Whilst I have noted it in the past, it still holds it’s own and I feature it once again as there is on the face of it – nothing to it, yet it excels in what is perhaps “fashion” at it’s best.

The wonderfully simplistic and refreshing use of color is perhaps for me partly why this model stands out and it is so neat!  It is indeed a statement watch, but not one that jars or grates as it can be worn with aplomb with tuxedo or jeans – it simply works.  With it’s injection molded one piece construction and unique strap/watch thread system allows an amazing range of colors to be specified – I particularly like the one shown.  In fact there are 8 colors available for each component means an astonishing 500 unique color combinations are possible!

The dimensions are 38mm wide by 44mm top to bottom and only 11mm depth with a 22mm wide band.  The battery life is around 2 years and can be replaced via the back “hatch” which is stainless steel.  This model is also Water Resistant to 3ATM or 30m.  The functions of this quartz model are relatively simple but adequate – Time and Date, AM & PM indicator coupled with a back light.  A 2 year Warranty comes as standard.

The price – around £50 (UK).

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