Isn’t is nice to come across a British watchmaker that really excels in making you wonder just that little bit and able to produce a watch that infinitely intrigues you the first time you clap eyes on it.

Blacklamp Carbon Schofield - Made in England.

Blacklamp Carbon Schofield – Made in England.

Such is the power of the Blacklamp Carbon Schofield –

A year of research has gone into creating a proprietary material called Morta®.  This is a unique mix of hand-laid and formed carbon fibre small billets.   One billet then creates one Blacklamp watch case and as such each watch model is subtly individual from the next.   Plus the very highest machine specification of every watch case a showcase of world class English precision.

This model uses the very elegant and robust Unitas 6497-2 movement with a custom hack.  Decorated with broad Geneva stripes and heavy rhodium plating.

Incsribed with individual Lighthouse data from around the UK.

Inscribed with individual Lighthouse data from around the UK.

Within the crown of each Blacklamp Carbon wrist watch lies a Tritium gas light.   Emitting a low level glow unseen in daylight gives superb luminosity at night, but the fascinating part for me is around the rim of the dial just underneath the crystal, where lies a ring of Moonglow, (developed by NASA) an amazing strontium aluminate GLTD material that illuminates the dial in the dark.   And amazingly effective it is too.

The watch is one of a limited edition of only 101 pieces and each one is named after an Englisj Lighthouse, from the Wof Rock in the South West to ST Bees” on the Cumbrian coast.  Each one has the tower coordinates inscribed on the case back and description of the flash format.

It will set you back just under £10,000 this fascinating timepiece, so perhaps outside my personal budget at this time, but I certainly wouldn’t mind having one of these on my wish list.   For more information check out their web site – HERE

The wonder of "Moonglow" (NASA)

The wonder of “Moonglow” (NASA)

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