Month: November 2013

Black & Yellow

Black and Yellow watches seem to be on the increase, maybe because Wiz Khalifa the US Rapper features it in song, or perhaps Pennsylvania’s NFL team colors, or Radiation warning – whatever it is this color combination can be pretty… Read More ›


As one of my previous posts recently showed, there are many choices when it comes to “Divers” models, especially when considering major brands.  There are also other models from Casio, Invicta and Momentum to name just a few.  There are… Read More ›


It never ceases to amaze me the sheer variety of watches and watch designs that are out there.  From the incredibly good to the mind numbingly bad and yet somebody somewhere, will love the look of whatever it is and… Read More ›

Holiday Watch?

Always on the lookout for a low priced, well made, yet clever digital watch that goes that bit further. And I’ve found the Casio AE1200WH-1AV to be such a model and one that in no way could ever be considered… Read More ›

I like them!

Just checking over some of the watches that have taken my fancy over the past week or two.  Partly owing to the fact I had to get an old Junkers watch repaired and it went to PoinTtec in Germany for… Read More ›