Black & Yellow

Black and Yellow watches seem to be on the increase, maybe because Wiz Khalifa the US Rapper features it in song, or perhaps Pennsylvania’s NFL team colors, or Radiation warning – whatever it is this color combination can be pretty striking in a watch – and there are quite a few around.  The models featured here have quartz movements.

One that comes to mind (excuse the pun), this is The One 01 in stainless steel with a Polyurethane rubber strap.  A square disc model at 53 x 30 x 9.2mm that pretty much says it all from “The One” Fashion House.

The 01 The One - AN04G02 Yellow Spinning Wheel

The 01 The One – AN04G02 Yellow Spinning Wheel

Quite striking actually and pretty easy to read the time, unlike many in their range.  They have a few models that do have dots, lights and odd sequences, that might be OK for the young, but not really my style – but this Yellow Spinning Wheel model is not at all bad. It reminds me of the old LIP watches, and they were good.

Followed by a Diesel Mr Daddy Radar DZ7296 – which is indeed a BIG watch (too big for me) but interesting nevertheless.  This model is a whopping 64 x 57 13mm, very futuristic, but only 3atm which is a pity, but it’s a bit of fun and certainly a fashion statement if there ever was!  I’d be tempted to put it on the mantlepiece above the fire as a clock!

Mr Daddy from Diesel

Mr Daddy from Diesel

But my favorite is this good looking watch from Davis, the 1840 model, though perhaps still a little big for me (though they have other models not quite as bright which are more my size at 42mm), it is a very stylish military look watch.  It features the MIYOTA quartz movement Caliber OS21 and dimensions are 48mm x 12mm, with 50m Water Resistance and an Italian Lorica strap and under €200 would make a nice gift for the more conventional amongst us.

The Davis 1840 Military

The Davis 1840 Military

Chronograph, Date, 12/24 sub-dials and that fantastic bright Yellow configuration makes for a striking watch.  I love the matching yellow stitching on the Lorica Strap, which sets it off nicely.

This is also the first time I’ve had a serious look at Davis models, though the Davis Watch Company has been around for a few years (1987 Cannes) and I hope to feature them soon on “Spotlight”, as I have been on the lookout for a low/medium priced dress watch and looking at their range – they might have one that suits me . . . . .

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