Casio elegance +

To some the concept of “Casio and elegance” may seem to be a contradiction in terms, yet they do have a model which to my mind just about manages to fit the phrase.  This is the Casio LCW-M170TD-1AER (the usual clunky code model number), part of the Lineage series and here it does describe a rather neatly specified and yes “elegant” model.

Casio Lineage LCW-M170TD-1AER complication dress watch

Casio Lineage LCW-M170TD-1AER complication dress watch

In dress style form it is surprisingly well specified as it is both Solar powered, Radio Controlled (multi band 6) with a World Time* function and it’s Ana/Digi (with a center seconds hand) and with the emphasis on analog in looks, with just a neat secondary digital and on this model a positive display in the lower segment.  A round solid Titanium light weight (80 gms) case with excellent dimensions of just 39.5 mm diameter and very slim at just 9.2 mm height, this is a sleek watch considering the complications.

It also has a 5 bar Water Resistance (50 m) so can be viewed as a dress watch that doesn’t mind getting it’s feet wet.  The crystal unusually for Casio is in synthetic Sapphire, so scratches are virtually eliminated and the pushbutton bracelet is also made of solid Titanium incorporating a twin push catch.

The slight downside for me is that Casio’s Module 5161 is not the most up to date, noticeable in the *World Time function by the fact that only 29 City Time Zones are represented (the latest models feature some 40 zones) and omits Newfoundland, Canada (sorry guys) which has a UTC offset of -3.5 hrs – it won’t indicate that particular zone automatically.  It has a 1/100 sec to 1 hr Stop Watch with elapsed time, split time and 5 independent Alarms, Auto calendar and an LED back light.  The battery used is the CTL920 and there is a battery level indicator.

Solid Titanium bracelet with twin push catch

Solid Titanium bracelet with twin push catch

The analog hands are luminous and the dial background is black though I note it can be slightly reflective at times, but that said it doesn’t seem to be an issue from the reports and reviews I’ve seen to date.  I already noted that this version features a positive digital display and indeed of the 4 variations offered I believe it is the only one, the others being negative displays.  I personally find it easier to see positive displays than the negative ones.

I have to think this is maybe a slight departure for a Casio complication model, as they’ve managed to refrain from having it shrouded in Shock protection, nor is it oversize.  And it does prove to me at last that they can easily squeeze the technology into a sensible standard sized dress style watch.

This model also features a standard spring bar fitting arrangement for the bracelet, so if you fancy a change it’s simple to fit a standard strap should you prefer one.  And that IS unusual for Casio today.

So for those looking for a surprisingly well specified watch with all the mod cons complication wise you could wish for and within a dress watch style, this could be the one for you.
A wolf in sheep’s clothing perhaps – and if you don’t like macho or flash, I think you’ll find this model rather elegant with it’s dress style looks – but PLUS a surprising set of functions hidden within.

Elegance + – could be a good name for it instead of that big code?

NoteNot intended as a true travel watch it is not possible to swap the analog time and the digital time (for another time zone for example).  However it is quite easy if changing time zones, to change your home digital time to the destination time – the analog hands will move to the new “home” time, as they are programmed to indicate Home time by default.

I like them!

Just checking over some of the watches that have taken my fancy over the past week or two.  Partly owing to the fact I had to get an old Junkers watch repaired and it went to PoinTtec in Germany for service.  Which they did very successfully I have to say.  However I noted at the time that they also managed a few other lines, including the Zeppelin and Maximillian brands.

Now I’ve always had time for these are they are always interesting and good looking designs and most have a classic war/retro feel to them that I find quite rather comforting – must be an age thing!

The first one that caught my eye is their new, classic Zeppelin Nordstern, which features a Big Date @12 and a Second Time Zone dub-dial @6 in a 41mm stainless steel case. Quartz movement is the well respected Swiss Ronda 6203.B and it also has a decent 10Bar Water Resistance.

Zeppelin Nordstern, Big Date, Dual Time

Zeppelin Nordstern, Big Date, Dual Time

All in, this is a very stylish watch and certainly on my list of “possibles”.  I also like the “Big Date” feature as it is easy to see at a glance.

My second watch is also a new one and a slight departure from the usual classical lines, but a little more “ground” military inspired perhaps and geared for low light situations.
Called the Night Cruise model 7240.2 it has a black case and black dial, luminous hour and minute hands and a nice red tipped center seconds hand with big round white against black markers.  This model features a rubber strap with a standard and clearly defined Date window @3.  There is another similar model featuring a bracelet, I understand.  The case is 41mm diameter.
Note the luminous markers shine Blue for night sighting and this model features another Swiss Ronda Quartz movement, the Ronda 515. Water Resistance 10Bar.  I particularly like (my personal taste of course) the fact that this model does not sport a divers bezel idea, which for me make it look rather more elegant.

The Night Cruise form Zeppelin

The Night Cruise from Zeppelin

Both models are approximately £170 (UK priced) which is pretty decent value for a couple of neatly designed models that really look the part in my opinion.

And the third model I’ve selected here is from Maximillian, the 5332-1 “Click Date” which is a Radio Controlled model with this rather neat Click Date feature.  Allows the dial to be quite uncluttered but shows the Date quite neatly, when required.  Featuring this time the German produced Cal.42-24 RC movement.  The dot markers are in Green Luminous material, the case is Gold Ion plated.

The Maximillian Click DateRadio Controlled 5332-1

The Maximillian Click Date, Radio Controlled 5332-1

The watch is neat at only 39mm diameter and the Water Resistance 5ATM.  Obviously this is more a dress watch, hence the missing macho features, but a very smart and unusual watch it is.  The Date indication is accessed by pressing the crown, which moves the Second Hand which then acts as a pointer to the outer track date numbers on the right segment of the dial.  I suppose your eyesight has to be good to read the small date numerals, but it is a dress watch and probably no more difficult than many a retro chronograph with date sub-dials.  However as style is more the essence of this watch it’s hardly an issue and perhaps it’s just me, as I definitely need glasses these days!  But that said this is yet another model I might very well seriously consider – maybe for my next birthday?

I might be getting on these days, but I never say no to a little elegance!