Month: October 2013

Times are moving.

Some models that have attracted me recently are the Kinetic range of watches from Seiko.  I’m interested as I already have a 1988 forerunner of this technology (the Seiko AGS) and to see how they have progressed is something else. … Read More ›

Chalk and Cheese?

A watch nut acquaintance of mine arrived back from holiday the other day, waltzed into my place and bragged about his new watch.  He only gave me a fleeting glimpse of it as he waved his arm around, saying this… Read More ›

Blue classic

The color blue is also very popular with watch manufacturers, though as Yellow they can look highly colored for colors sake, rather than any other reason.  However sometimes one model comes along that truly uses the color (blue in this… Read More ›

Touch of Green

Not quite such a common color as red in the watch world, there are still quite a number around.  Green straps and colored resin cases or green dials and not surprisingly quite a number of khaki green military styles.  Fewer… Read More ›

Touch of Red

However what really struck me was his choice of watch to accompany this elegant, smart and dark ensemble.
A Red Watch no less and a Mickey Mouse one at that! And furthermore it matched the red silk bow tie perfectly! This was STYLE!