It never ceases to amaze me the sheer variety of watches and watch designs that are out there.  From the incredibly good to the mind numbingly bad and yet somebody somewhere, will love the look of whatever it is and then buy it.  Whether its the color, the sheer extravagance or whatever, there truly seems to be a watch model for everyone.

Watches for everyone!

Watches for everyone!

This is just a quick selection and for reference and I’ve listed the models below as one of them could just be the little gem you’ve been waiting for! – you never know!

In no particular order – All prices are UK.

  • Stuhrling Original 204A.33 Sports Fleet Street, Day/Date, Yellow, Quartz – approx £140
  • Shhors Rubber LCD LED092 Ladies, Day/Date – £10.49 (I call this the “Lego” watch! – the bracelet can be altered to change color sequence)
  • Shark Day/Date,24hr, Mens Yellow SH091 – £30 approx.
  • Seiko 5 Sports Navy Blue Day/Date Automatic self winder SRP351 – £113.00
  • Harley Davidson (aka Bulova) Gents model 78C103 – £248
  • Invicta multifunction IP Day/Date Model 43658-004 – £113
  • Cavena Noni Big Da/Date, Alarm Dual Time, Quartz, CVN019 – £23
  • Giulio Romano GR-3000-13-001 Piemonte, Luminous, IP plated, Dual Time, Day/Date – £140
  • Lancaster OLAO461SLYGNR Yellow, Gold IP Day/Date – £170

All the above are Day and Date models and just a fraction of the sheer variety of models, that without the power of the internet, you would simply never get a chance to see, let alone buy.  Such is the fascination of this watch business, that in the time it took to post this, there are literally hundreds and hundreds of new designs, new models already being offered and amazingly new ideas of presenting the time on your wrist!  I have not included the weird form of interpretation of time, with lights and codes etc. as these are just not my thing at all!  These I find far too complicated as what I prefer is to be able to read and understand the time at a glance.  Not that some of this first collection can also be tricky, but there is for me a limit.

And would I buy any of the above?  Well for me personally no, but I know somebody will.   Yet I do find some of the ideas and presentation quite fascinating.  I love, for example, the Ladies Shhors “lego” building brick bracelet watch, just for the sheer fun of it and the fact that from a fashion point of view, to be able to mix around the segments of the bracelet blocks to give a different look, is fun.

And I had forgotten that particular Seiko 5 model, the Sports Cal 4R36, 24 jewel automatic, with it’s wonderful Day/Date window @3, broad luminous hands with a great center seconds arrow hand, a Hardlex crystal and 100m Water Resistance.  As one of my pals used to say – “it’s an absolute belter!” and he’d be right as it is indeed a very stylish watch.  Too easy to forget that Seiko make an enormous number of mechanical automatic models, most of which we never see here in the UK, which is a great shame as they represent excellent value for money.

The Cavena Noni Big Date/day ana-digi is also quite a striking watch and one I’d personally never heard of before.  A low cost model it may be, but design-wise it looks pretty good to me.  And the others more or less picked at random from the almost limitless selection available, again simply show the fantastic variety and so much so that I’ll probably have another trawl around and see what turns up.

Variety!  It never ceases to astound me.

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