Not another Compass!

You may recall I got myself a Timex Digital Compass model T467619 recently, which I like immensely by the way and the only negative thing on it, if being very picky, is the fact that it has a bespoke strap.  And you may also know from my posts that this is a feature that always niggles me.  Why they can’t simply have a conventional strap and spring lugs I do not know, because after a few years use when the strap goes and the problems of trying to get that particular strap or bracelet can be difficult and expensive too.

However recently I managed to find within Timex’s enormous product range, another Digital Compass model, which this time has a simple, conventional strap fixing to lug spring bars.  The T42761

Timex Digital Compass on strap - T41261

Timex Digital Compass on strap – T41261

This and the previous T42761 are a sensible size (I wish Digital Compass models from Casio and others would take note) and also light weight, both being a resin material.  This one is the neatest at 43mm diameter and 12.4mm depth against the other at B 45mm x 13.6mm.

The T42761 (rt)  Digital Compass smaller and lighter than T42761 (left)

The T42761 (right A) Digital Compass smaller and lighter than T42761 (left B)

Both have large digital displays when compared to the case size AND they are super easy to read, though slightly different.  The left one has fractionally thicker digital & taller numbers in comparison to the other, though both are perfectly fine to read.  The digital operation of functions is similar, though the left model scores here for UK users as it can alter the Date/Day to Day/Date – whereas this new one cannot.

Compass reads headings and bearings of 12 o'clock position.

Compass reads headings and bearings of 12 o’clock position.

The largest difference function wise is in the Digital Compass operation.

My previous model indicates North and South with small block markers which appear just outside that outer black dial ring AND gives the Heading and Bearing of the 12 o’clock position.  It also display the data for 20 seconds.

My new purchase does not indicate North or South, indicating only the Heading and Bearing of the 12 o’clock position and only displays this for 10 seconds – I find this quite short to fully take in what I’m seeing, though you can of course just press the button again.

Note that the T42761 (my new one) has 4 side case buttons, the Indiglo button being on the top of the case @6.  I also note that the other model allows you to have a + and – adjustment when setting, whereas the new one only has a + setting (the button @4 o’clock).  However the numbers change very rapidly so not much of an issue.  They are both very easy to use.

On the wrist - a sensible size and WITH a compass!

On the wrist – a sensible size and WITH a compass!

The final difference is of course the strap arrangement, the new one having the conventional strap.  It means easy replacement if it breaks, wears or just happens you don’t like it – you can fit your choice of strap.  You can also sit the watch flat on a table or in a display box, but you can also sit it upright on the lugs @6 and use it as an alarm clock on a bedside table for example.  And that’s quite useful if you don’t wear the watch at night and you can’t do that with my previous model.

I also find that this new one feels cheaper and although lighter in weight at 47g against 50g, it’s not because of that, but just a feeling there’s maybe a quality change.  No real evidence for this as both watches are very, very good, and I do realize this is all very personal and maybe overly picky.  But that’s what makes us buy different models and versions I suppose – what suits you may not suit me.

Now I have them both – which one do I like best?
Difficult to say, though I do prefer the fact my previous one indicated North/South + bearings etc. and that it can adjust to display Day then Date.  Of course I like the strap on the latest one, but that’s the only plus actually and even that has it’s limitations as an issue.

My solution?

I bought a spare Timex strap for it – today!  🙂

A trio of Timex - and I like them all!

A trio of Timex – and I like them all!

This an image of my three new Timex models from largest to smallest –  Vibration chrono (center), Compass 1 (left) and latest compass 2 (right)  And I like them all!

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