Month: April 2013

Octagon from Russia

A friend of mine used to say that most of his Russian watches looked like a pair of Levis – they were made to look “worn”. His new Russian watches looked like his old Swiss ones after being in the cutlery drawer for a year or two! But don’t be fooled – you want a good solid mechanical watch? You could do a lot worse I assure you!

Aktiv Skagen

Don’t get me wrong, I like it, but this minimalist Danish inspired design still doesn’t really do it for me I have to admit and maybe this is a fault of their success

Aerospace favourite

Clarity is all with this watch – the date is the clearest to read of any watch I know with an excellent anti-reflection coated flat sapphire crystal – and slim hands with the so so clever extension of the minute hand over the center pivot, which makes it so clear when reading the time

Day/Date affordables

So it really is possible to get yourself pretty decent quality watches with the added features of Day and Date at very reasonable cost, without going to the extremes of unknown or obscure makes with perhaps less than confident service issues

The Decker

I also note the center seconds and and white dot pretty well match up with the markers on the dial – something that many more expensive watches should, but often don’t manage, which is nice to see. I like that.