Lacroix Sphere

Maurice Lacroix are an interesting Watch Company today in that they are one of the few Independent Swiss Watchmakers around.  A luxury watch supplier for many years they came into their own I suppose around 1989 when they took over case maker Queloz S.A who were based in Saignelégier.  As a Company they were formed as part of Desco von Schulthess of Zurich in around 1975, but since the early to mid 1990’s have expanded to become one of the leading Watch brands today.

They make a wide range of models from high end mechanical to mid range quartz – such as this one – the Sphere.

Maurice Lacroix Sphere in stainless steel

I managed to get this pre-owned model in an auction recently as a sort of “yours or mine Dear” watch for day or evening wear.  I say this as this particular one is a mid size or unisex as they say today at 34mm diameter and suits my 170mm wrist perfectly, but also fits my Wife!  So what could be more even handed that that!

This is a really neat looking watch in stainless steel with a highly polished case and subtly contrasting brushed stainless top bezel, with interesting elongated lugs and case design.  The round faced case has a pronounced curve and the original tan soft leather strap is specially formed to fit this as the spring bars actually fit a little back from the end of the strap.
As to the watch face, the dial is white with hourly applied silvered markers, quarterly applied Arabic numerals and owing to the thickness of these are quite clear to see.   It has a date aperture @3 with a slightly off white/silvered textured background for clarity which is effective.

Extreme curved case & elongated lug design

The hour and minuted hands are a slightly chunky (lanzenform) infill style, though whether specified as luminous is doubtful, being as easily seen as my wallet last night!  The stainless steel case is very solid in appearance and as an ensemble is a high quality construction with a strong textured “snap on” back also in stainless steel.  It is marked 50m Water Resistance. The crystal is a strong looking Sapphire and the crown unobtrusive @3 but with a decent knurled profile for setting.

This model is certainly not a current one, though I have noticed it is still around and for sale in a couple of different sized versions as new old stock I assume, so can be had for, I would hope, discounted prices.

Mid size Maurice Lacroix on a 170mm wrist – looks good.

Well – as I said, when it’s fitted to my wrist I think it looks pretty good and I’ll certainly wear this on occasion I’m sure.  However I’m also sure my Wife will wear it too and I just have this feeling that she may acquire it as her new “daily beater” and I might just never see it again –

But hey! – that’s life!

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  1. This is an interesting site. I’ve always worn watches, but have stuck with my beater Timex as I am prone to losing them out in the brush. I find that my 20 something sons and there friends don’t wear watches. It seems to be a tech generation trend here. It will probably make watches all the more collectable in the future.

    • Hi Tim and thanks for your visit and comment – always appreciated. My site as you may have noted is really not for the “high end” rollers but those of us who like a decent watch to tell the time, reliable and affordable.
      I had a discussion the other day with a guy who only buys very affordable watches, though does take account of the detail before purchasing – in other words he does his homework first. Funny thing is, as a collector I have various watches, some expensive and/or rare and many simply run of the mill. I also like to rotate them, buying and selling or part exchanging as I go. But after a time I tend to end up with the very watches my friend is keen on – as being low price they invariably don’t sell on, being cheap to buy new anyway!

      Maybe he has a point! (my goal of course is to acquire really classic pieces and keep them) – now if only I had the cash. . . . 😉

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