Uzi – low cost Tritium

Can’t think why I haven’t posted this watch before as I wear it often enough, especially when off on weekend trips and so on.  Somewhere that I don’t have my bedside clock and need or certainly prefer in the middle of the night to be able to tell the time immediately.  Of course Tritium light source watches are the answer.  Non of this Superluminova that seems to vary in consistency between manufacturers, but a light emitting source that is bright, bright, bright!  To this end I have to show you the UZI –

The Uzi Defender – 001-N – Tritium

Not a bad looking watch at all and especially when you consider it has Tritium illumination, a military look and here fitted to a black matching silicon deployment strap.  I’ve had this one for quite a few years now and it still impresses me as to it’s accuracy and it’s ability to still look as new as the day I bought it!

Hardened Mineral Crystal in a tough resin case, screw down crown with a Water Resistance of 200m (that’s 660ft), a black dial plus a one way rotating outer bezel, can’t be at all bad and especially for the price – I seem to recall somewhere around £70.00.  It is a decent size too at 43mm diameter and 14mm depth, but it wears SMALL – it simply does not look big – probably as across the crystal face is only 28mm – but that doesn’t seem to detract from the fact that it’s really quite easy and clear to read despite the UZI yellow logo just below 12.

Easy read face of the Uzi Defender – Note the light source points.

This particular older model is all black unlike I believe the current ones which have an olive green bezel perhaps?  though I prefer the darker look and the night ability is exceptional.  The tritium light source capsules are @12, 3, 6 and 9 – the hour and minute hands are also “tubed” light source and the natty center second hand is red tipped with a luminous coated tip, which although in the dark is not as bright – it can be seen.  The @12 position has double tubes and is not green as the other points, but orange.  Note there are also luminous dots on the hours.  So this watch is definitely for those who like the darker side!

Mated to a black ribbed silicon deployment strap.

A screw down crown (as you would expect with this WR), and interestingly as I understand it this particular model at the time I bought it stated just a quartz movement with Swiss components.  I have to say whatever it is, it has been superb.  Maybe not a Ronda, but it works VERY well and the proof as they say . . . .

The fact that this is resin cased means it is very light indeed and very, very tough.  No marks on this one at all, so it wear extremely well.  And here I have to mention the price again.

This is one really good value watch, especially when you consider it has the light source illumination and when put against others with this system – and I even mean the others in the Uzi range.  It is available currently in Stainless steel – but at a premium £150.00, then there’s black stainless steel at £165.00 and to cap it all, a Titanium one at up around £230.00!

To me I really can’t see these premiums at all – this model shown here at the price I bought it for, does the business – hands down.  And most metals scratch with use – and this? – well – it doesn’t!  It’s also very lightweight and tough and with the silicon strap it will certainly do me a long, long time.

And against other manufacturers, such as Traser, or Nite, or Smith and Wesson, or Swiss Military and Luminox and so on, it represents tremendous value and I have to applaud them for it.

4 point screw down sealed back – 200m WR.

Now after all this – I was sure I had posted this watch here before, but I’m unable to find it on my site at all – so maybe this was one I deleted inadvertently a year or so back – whatever.  I post or re-post it here anyway and I’ll treat it as a “re-visit” after some years of quite extended use and say again what a smart, value watch this has and continues to be.  I’m off on a trip soon and guess what?  I’ll be taking this with me – Oh Yes!

Uzi on the wrist – even my small wrist – looks OK for a 43mm diameter.


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