Astro revisited

I’ve revisited this watch and posted it here today again as I decided this morning to wear it for a while as my “daily beater”.  And not for the first time as I put it on, I realized this is a darned good watch, especially in these darker days here in the UK.  I can also confirm that I’ve had it for a few years now and it has been utterly faultless in every respect.

AstroAvia R705L Alarm

No fancy studio shot here, but a quick (today) snapshot of it on my wrist, indoors on a very dull day and it certainly shows that it’s a pretty clear watch to read.  The slight blurry look is me and my camera by the way, not the watch!).  The Superluminova coated hands already starting to glow in the low light conditions.  Now whilst this watch came with a bracelet and a leather strap, which has to be great value, I’ve since put on a Silicon deployment strap, simply because I find them so easy to put on and take off and they are very comfortable.

I must have used the chronograph functions last time it had an outing and this morning the small seconds/1/20th counter sub-dial hand @6 was not zeroed.  Nor was it ticking off the seconds, though the watch was keeping perfect time.  Of course I had forgotten how comprehensive the OS80 Miyota Quartz movement is – and it IS an excellent movement by any standards.  It’s quite an interesting one and the first thing I remembered was that the sub-dial in question has a double function – firstly as a seconds hand and also when the chronograph is used, as a 1/20sec counter.

So I reset the hand to zero by pulling the crown out to position 2, pressed button A (@2) to ensure the large center second chrono hand was at 12, then pressed button B (@4) to reset the little seconds hand to top position – so everything looked good.  I then returned the crown to the normal position.

So now the watch was functioning or indicating correctly, but with no seconds hand visibly ticking away it’s always slightly disconcerting at first glance, as to whether the watch is going or not.  With the OS80 movement however, simply pressing button B (@4) again starts the small seconds hand ticking away just fine.  So now we have the watch functioning just as I like it.  Use the chronograph function however and the small seconds hand instantly reverts to the 1/20sec counter which really races round the small dial.

Now I have no connection to AstroAvia whatsoever, but I really have to hand it to them.  They produce really good looking watches that are practical and of very good quality – what I would call “honest” watches – or what you see is what you get watches – good value and very reliable.

In fact I’m so pleased with it now that I’m wearing this one again – it’s prompted me to check out their new range, and who knows I might, just might get myself another one!

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