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I love my “Carlo”

It looks completely different to most other dial layouts and fundamentally it’s like it is this owing to it’s intriguing technical function rather than just an odd dial

Smart Vivoactive – brief look (2)

It’s the slimness that does it as it’s just 8 mm, easy on the wrist and I would suppose if you’re involved in any of the activities described, then this is the only watch you will ever need. And I thought the Tom Tom Golfer watch was the business, but this is something else! And I don’t really like “Smart” watches either – but . . . Wow!

Casio Ana/Digi affordable

There’s no question in my mind and fortunate for my wallet, that in general with Casio, I find the low to mid range priced models represent best value. I invariably find the more expensive range such as Edifice and above in comparison do not.

Smarter Pebble

I particularly like the new display – using color E Ink technology, which makes perfect sense and stretches out the battery life accordingly to something like a week instead of a day.

Tom Tom GPS Golfer

A rather novel feature is that the entire watch and extension can be popped out of the case frame/strap, allowing it to be used in an optional cradle which you can attach to a golf trolley for example

Getting smarter

this seems to be, virtually at least, watch first with good traditional design, size a one button functionality, so no silly complications and with all these different optional watch faces I can wear a different one every day of the week. Just what a collector wants!

Upright from Lanco

In twenty years these could be the true vintage models and my present vintage collection will be antique, or certainly more specialist perhaps and maybe, just maybe, dare I say – rather dull . . . .