Infantry value?

Once again I delve into the world of really cheap watches with this second model of the Infantry brand I’ve acquired.  The last one was given to me by a friend a year ago (I featured it in August 14) and has proved OK and hasn’t let me down, is accurate and actually looks pretty good.  My pal doesn’t often give gifts, but at $12 he wasn’t killing himself!  LOL . . . .

Infantry Model IN-044 - clear display Day & Date.

Infantry Model IN-044 – clear display Day & Date.

It will be interesting to see if this one which I’ve found recently is as satisfying – and on first impressions I’d say it looks not too bad. A bit lightweight, with a coated metal case but offered at a price of just £14.24 including FREE delivery to the UK from Hong Kong, it might be a bargain.

The Maker’s description says – IN.044 model Infantry Day/Date Quartz Nite Luminous with nylon strap, images are as shown.  With a round 40 mm x 11 mm matte black colour resin case, good sized crown @3, luminous Arabic numerals, Hour, Minute and centre Seconds plus a 24 hr dial set and a good sized Day/Date window @3, the watch has very much a classic look.
Note the Day & Date feature has a quick set Crown adjustment on the first pull out click point.  The crystal is flat, described as anti-scratch glass, which it might or might not be?  It is however very clear and with little reflection. The crown action seems VERY light, so I have to assume the Quartz movement is a very small one sitting, looking lost in a large case.

Good size at 40 mm diameter and just 11 mm thickness makes for a neat watch.

Good size at 40 mm diameter and just 11 mm thickness makes for a neat watch.

Note the dial markers are on a second level to the numerals and there is a white arrow datum mark within the dial@12.

The screwed back however, isn’t – it looks like it is with the indents for a tool suggesting it’s screwed, but it’s a simple and rather flimsy “snap” back actually, hence the Water Resistance of just 3ATM – and after unsnapping that back – I definitely would not go near water!  On close inspection, the indents are too shallow for any back removal tool anyway.

NoteI only discovered this recently and after a few years that this was a snap back and a poor one at that, when the battery gave out.

Conversely a nice OK quality 22 mm wide nylon fabric strap is supplied and it has a solid and signed steel pin buckle completes the look, which overall is quite pleasing.
The movement is listed as a precision Japanese Quartz and appears to be a generic Seiko/Epson or lookalike type, but these day they rarely have issues, and it seems accurate enough.

Stainless screw back - 3ATM Water Resistance - note the spelling of model?

Stainless “screw” back? – Don’t be fooled! – it’s actually a rather poor snap back and at 3atm Water Resistance – no swimming please!

So overall I’m OK with this watch, and although cheap made, it works as it should.  In reality it looks better than it is, but without gimmicks and for value it’s OK.

Quality wise, the back is flimsy and the “snap” is weak, so water resistance is a joke.  The Luminous quality – a feature that many cheaper watches often don’t manage too well, is par for the course – in other words, it’s not too good.
That said though (and I tried this last night) it does manage some luminescence for just on 3 hours in total darkness, but any longer and it falls off to nothing.

So how I do rate it?
Well it’s VERY cheap, but it looks OK and it works.  It’s Quartz, so is reasonably accurate, the Day and Date operate as they should – and at £14.00 is about as cheap as you can get.  It’s a pity the watch back is so crap, but at the end of the day – you get what your pay for (mind you I got this one for nothing, didn’t I)  😉

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