The Re-Run Nixon

Always on the lookout for that affordable, fashion conscious, interesting model at that special price.  A model that has that “something” about it that separates it from the rest.  I think I’ve found it in the shape of the Nixon – The Re-Run Leather.

Nixon Re-Run Leather watch

Nixon – The Re-Run Leather watch

It looks dead cool retro, yet it also looks “new” and that’s where it scores.  A sort of laid back old style that just oozes individuality and with the wonderful old hickory style leather strap it really does work for me.

Relatively simple with the basics displayed elegantly and clearly on the display screen, surrounded by a gold tone sleek and modern case design.

The standard layout display shows most of what you need to get by.
Front ABS buttons for display options such as Dual Time, Calendar, Alarm, Countdown Timer and Night light, its actually not badly specified and it has a Water Resistance of 30 m – and all under a hard Mineral Glass.

I have to admit that I like it and at an offer price I spotted currently of just £86.65 (less shipping) it has to be a cool find and a definite contender for that Christmas stocking.

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