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Writer, computer artist, photographer and watch collector. Packed up my Art and Art Collecting sites now owing to health and time restrictions, but still keep my hand in regarding my watch blog.
Here on my blog I can share my Collecting, comments and experiences with anyone who cares to view. I also occasionally contribute to Watch collecting forums and magazines.

  • Swatch watch

    at the end of the day the Swatch philosophy of “Second Watch” is still absolutely what they are all about, despite some of their latest ideas.

  • Interesting finds – Ladies

    Great gold coloured case with an off yellow dial and VERY clear to read with those large dark hands, small seconds index and actually a pretty decent size date window @3. (some of their Gents models don’t).

  • Interesting finds (1)

    It has a German traditional style, this one more dress than military, luminous hands and applied markers and overall, for my taste, has a good look

  • Swatch SISTEM51 for me?

    The Sistem 51 features, such as the reduction of movement parts, theoretically less to go wrong, the re-designed transparent rotor wind, whilst OK, for me, are substantially little different from conventional automatic models. 

  • Searching the site

    With this new theme web site layout – it is now very easy to SEARCH for articles and/or references to much more data than before.  The old site – once I’d Posted an article it was more or less buried… Read More ›

  • Stainless scratches

    Simply select the speed setting for you and have a go on the scratched stainless surface of the watch case and you should start to see results

  • Art Deco – enamels

    Brought out as a marketing idea by Elgin, these were designed by mostly Lucien LeLong and were giver specific names of Haute Couture designers of the day in Paris

  • Bauhaus by name

    there’s something about the subtle and under-stated design, from the small numeral delicacy and the two-tone asymmetric width hands, that just lifts them to a higher level

  • Ressence – disk

    there are 5 models in all, each with a different aspect and look, but with the same integral patented three-dimensional complication or ROC – the Ressence Orbital Convex  system.

  • Feice Bauhaus – Budget or Bargain?

    But for Fiece, the clever idea of using the Bauhaus concept and promoting to the global market promoted with – Form, Function and a certain marketing seriousness, hasn’t hindered them in their mass market approach and by increasing the quality is a real bonus.